the iron bull
a qunari mercenary strong enough to overcome anything, except the life he left behind.



#favorite character out of all television characters ever

seriously he literally just moved from drake and josh to icarly he didn’t need to change at all





My cute little front ensemble plays the Gravity Falls theme. :’) (ignore the weird blur in the beginning)

that was awesome

this delights me


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Parks and Rec Ice Cream Print by Tyler Feder

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Model - Elaine Afrika

IG - @ElaineAfrika

Photographer - IG @Africanist 

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It’s okay to change your identity. It’s okay to discover new and different versions of yourself and it is okay to move forward and completely change your identities as they come and go and are. To be human is to be fluid, to change. You are not invalid for doing so. 


The Breakfast Club (1985) dir. John Hughes

Saturday, March 24, 1984. Shermer High School, Shermer, Illinois, 60062.

The Book of Life (2014) [x]


Here’s a bunch of Ballroom Stuff I painted for The Book of Life. 

The design/layout of the room was done by Fred Gardner (he did the layout drawing of the full ballroom and some of the main props like the throne chair and table)

Miguel Gonzalez did a bunch of the detail designs (the stained glass window, the stone animal/flower arches and the bottles :P)

It’s all painted flat/with no lighting so it could be passed off to texture easily. Besides that: SO MANY COLORS O_O, I swear every notes pass on this room was “add more color” XD. The overall look/design of this ballroom was influenced by Gaudí's architecture. The color scheme we ended up going with is based off of La Muerte's character colors.


People who love iron bull I snagged this, his romance tile

Guillermo del Toro's Book of Life {x}
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